We undersigned, members of faculty, secretarial & technical, and students, both in Universities and in research centers, do express our support to the mobilizations currently taking place in the Kingdom of Spain.

Since May 15th thousands of people (mostly, young people) are occupying squares and streets in our country, claiming for more democracy and less market. Many are angered and we have shown it on the streets. It is one of the dreams still to be accomplished; but if they don’t let us dream, we shall not let them sleep.

Many people from the universities are actively taking part in this movement, which has arisen with great energy.
In spite of the resistance of the mass media, the Electoral Boards and the police ( or maybe because of it), concentrations, sit – ins and activist networks in universities, workcenters, neihghbourhoods and towns will be active, at least, until May 22nd.
We hope that this movement will continue, and we pledge to promote democratizing movements in and from our Universities.
By this call, we want to encourage everybody to contribute with all their forces to the building of this movement, to build more democracy and end with the markets’ dictatorship.